Before you celebrate, let us say THANK YOU!

November 23, 2015

We are thankful for you!

We humbly reflect and are grateful for family, friends,and good health. Out of the abundance of our hearts, we are able to offer our resources as we work to help others

We are thankful for your work in asset building, economic justice, and income equality.

We give thanks for your consistent service and advocacy in low-to moderate-income communities. Your advocacy work is valued and appreciated.

Because of your participation and collaboration with the SRABC`s mission and advocacy work, the 2015 annual conference was a tremendous success. More than250 participants, were empowered to move from talk to action.

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Take a moment and tweet back to us what you are grateful for using the hashtag #SRABCThanks @srabcoalition.

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