"Moving From Talk to Action" conference report released

February 01, 2016

Packed with powerful sessions and panels about the role of racism in public policies that affect the economic growth and security of the most vulnerable, the eighth annual SRABC conference, “Moving from Talk to Action,” challenged leaders to be more accountable to the people they serve, to understand the demography of wealth, and to grasp the inequities of various systems, including the tax code and the justice system.

From October 7- 9, 2015, in Biloxi, Mississippi, the conference drew a diverse group of advocates, researchers and activists to share solutions for asset building, culminating in 209 registrants from 16 states and the District of Columbia. Fi y-nine percent of attendees had attended SRABC conferences in previous years. is represents a 41 percent increase in new attendees. e conference charged each participant to engage new stakeholders and discuss solutions to move into action those things that will stimulate economic growth for the Southern region.

Read the official conference report: Moving From Talk the Action conference report.

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